Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A fall guy named Resurreccion Borra

Many are wondering why elections commissioner Ressureccion Borra was singled out in a Mega Pacific Scandal when in fact what happened was a colegial decision of all the Comelec commissioners. Kailangan bang si Borra lang ang burahin?

Reports have it that there was a resolution submitted to Deputy Ombudsman Victor Fernandez showing that a panel of investigators found probable cause to indict all Comelec officials for graft and corruption and betrayal of public trust. However, Meceditas Gutierrez ignored the findings of its panel and instead submitted a report that only Borra was guilty. This, despite her statement that "when anybody violates the law, it is our (the Ombudsman's) duty to enforce its sanctions".

Asan na ngayon ang statement niya? Nalimutan?

Senator Aquilino Pimentel said, however, that the watered-down report of the Ombudsman was aimed at two things: Borra is expendable, and that he is a peace offering to groups moving to impeach Arroyo.

Borra, it is said, has no big political padrino. Which simply stresses the fact that the career growth in the Arroyo government is dependent on MBA -- that is, May Backer Ako. Second, Borra's lips sometimes slips as what happened during the investigation on the 2004 elections. And slipping lips has no room in the government. Is it primarily because some things need to be hidden?

Kaya ba si Benjamin Abalos di nakasama sa culprits ng Mega-Pacific Scam dahil may big MBA siya plus a sealed lips? If so, then talagang may itinatago nga talaga with regards Gloria's victory.

But Borra, the poor Borra, must he be the fall guy? At this point,medyo pumalpak ata ang mga spinmeisters ni Gloria. Knowing Borra with the slipping lips, baka lalong sumabog ang kanilang mga itinatago especially if Borra is pressed to the wall. Dapat siguro si Abalos na lang kasi magaling din naman palang magtago ng sikreto itong si Chairman, di ba?

Not unless Borra's mouth is full. He might not talk when his mouth is full. Pero ang mga tanong: Magkano ba? Three times the figures involved in the scam? Four times? If so, sino ang magbibigay? And is Borra willing to put his name as a stake? And his family's reputation also?



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