Friday, July 14, 2006

Etta Rosales' Statement on the alleged bribery of bishops

On reported bribery of CBCP
14 July 2006

The reported bribery of bishops, followed by a dinner reward by Malacañang that took place before, during and after the two-day conference of the bishops is not only an embarassment to ourselves as a people but equally so to the international community.

It reflects how far we have deteriorated in our moral values and how we have internalized bribery as a way of ife, a way by which Malacañang and others form government relate tot he people in the exercise of authority. Without a grasp of the essence of public trust as a basic Constitutional tenet for public leadership, a morally bankrupt leader will not hesitate to bribe because she has lost public respect, and therefore moral credentials, to exercise authority over the people. She has lost respect for herself and for the ones she bribes. The only thing that matters is to retain her seat as President until 2010 no matter the means.

In exercising authority by a discredited leader, bribery is used as one method. The use of force is another. The late Mr. Marcos became a master of both and lasted fourteen years.

But both are anathema to democracy. Sadly, Malacañang has not learned the lesson of democracy deprived us those fourteen years under marcos. What it is fast becoming a master of are hte insturments Marcos imposed for self-rule. This is the current state of affairs in our so-called restored democratic system of rule. It explains how the use of force, through extra-judicial killings, complement rampant bribery and election fraud to help Malacañang's leaders keep power.

These are the very same reasons the campaign for impeachment should reach every nook and corner of the 42,000 barangays and hte thousands of parishes all over the country. The people deserve to know the truth. The people deserve to make their decision freely and take collective action without the use of force and money. We did it then to get rid of a dictator. We can do it again.

Rep. Etta P. Rosales

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