Friday, July 14, 2006

Blood bath for Bolante?

Raul Gonzales strikes again. “We went to great lengths in saving these OFWs who are in trouble. In some instances, the government helped in putting up blood money. So we owe also Joc-Joc Bolante the same kind of treatment without giving political color to that," he said.

Pero bakit kay Michael Ray Aquino, porke nakulayan na taga-oposisyon, eh hindi tinulungan? Bakit si Jocjoc?



For having a canceled visa, Bolante is asked to bail US $100 thousand or PhP 5.2 million ($1 = P52)! Grabe naman. Ganun ba kamahal ang visa?

Pero teka, according to Gonzales we should raise that amount for Bolante? Sino si Bolante? Ano siya? Where was he when we needed him most – that is, when we need light for our dark truth? Di ba nagtatago siya? Ba't ngayon na kailangan niya ng tulong saka siya lumabas? At, po-protektahan pa ng gobyerno ni Gloria?


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