Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who's missing a spoonful of cake?

An etiquette: Don't talk when your mouth is full.

At the height of the Hello Garci controversy, not a voice from the Catholic Church was heard. It was a "silent night, holy night" at the time when the Philippines was having nightmare. And Malacanang was happy. Very happy that Gloria Arroyo held several feasts (called dinners) with priests and other members of the Catholic hierarchy.

And because the Church was silent, Malacanang itched to fasttrack its deforms.... err, reforms. First was mining which even led Junie Laylo, Malacanang's pollster, in cahoots with the Public (mis)Information Agency, to massage poll questions for a propaganda spin. But because spin is a spin, and because the Church is really opposed to mining, the Church howled. So, Malacanang backtracked its position and promised to reform the mining policies.

Then, the Peoples Initiative of Gloria came. The Church said that there is something irregular in the manner signatures were generated. For this, allies of Gloria slammed the bishops for meddling. To quote Malaya:
Lakas congressmen Edwin Uy (Isabela) and Antonio Cuenco of Cebu said the CBCP should put a stop to the involvement of some its members in politics which "only causes harm to the nation and the future of all Filipinos."
Well, we do not know which nation and Filipinos are Uy and Cuenco are referring to. But as Uy continued: By coming out against Cha-cha, the partisan Church leaders want the country to be like an ostrich with its neck in the sand — afraid of progress and without regard for the changes needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. I do not know what size of brain does Uy have because it is very clear that he is missing the point. The Church is against the "manner of changing the Constitution" and not on "changing the Constitution itself". This, of course, is another story.

But going back to the topic, it appears that somebody is missing another spoonful of cake. When the fiestas at Malacanang ceased, the Church began to talk. Why the late response? Could that "somebody" be the Church? Consider Bishop Cruz's statement:
When churchmen are quiet and in peace, this means that the government is by and large doing well. But when they begin to talk in public fora and protest in public places due to social issues, this is a marked indication that there must be something that stinks in and about the government. Unquote: Does this mean during the period of nightmares particularly at the height of the Hello Garci controvery, and the Church was silent, the government was doing well?


Or, could the "somebody" be Uy and Cuenco? With the stalled 2006 proposed budget, Gloria now has a hand to use the 2006 legislated budget -- a budget claimed to have a lot of porks and perks. And with this, Uy and Cuenco could be the beneficiaries. It is a fact that only barking and biting dogs are given bones and meat to eat, right? But because the opposition is silent nowadays and theres nobody to bite, the Church could be a very good target. Hence, Uy and Cuenco's statements.


Can somebody help my birdbrain grow larger so that i won't be asking questions?


Additional terms and phrases for the Arrovo Dictionary:

spliced tape -- the real tape
the real tape -- the spliced tape
observe due process -- meaning, kill the impeachment proceedings

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