Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well Done or Welcome?

Pope Benedict's "well done" statement to Gloria Arroyo was interpreted by our little genius s a pat on the back. She was thinking that Benedict was thinking of the "reforms" she initiated.

Bishop Cruz stated, however, that Benedict was only referring to the lifting of the death penalty and not to eveything she had done or is doing. Cruz said the Pope knows the Hello Garci scandal, the cheating, the relentless killings and everything.

Mukhang may punto naman si Cruz. Pero ano nga ba talaga ang ibig sabihin ni Benedict? Let us count the ways:

  1. If Benedict really means "well done for everything", then he could be ignorant of the things happening in the Philippines. Something like a shepherd who doesn't know his flock tulad ng sinasabi ni Cristo. But if he is ignorant, then sayang ang intelligence funds ng mga Katoliko. At sayang din ang mga "pastoral statements" na pinadala ng mga obispong Pinoy dahil di naman binabasa.
  2. If Benedict really means "well done for everything" but he is not ignorant of the things happening in the Philippines, then he is a hypocrite. He is not a good moral leader. He is not an authority on morality. Even if he is just trying to be "pa-cute" for the sake of internation relations, still, he is not a person who is willed enough to call wrong a wrong. And he is unlike Jesus Christ who has the guts to drive away the sellers in the temple and risk his life. Paano kung bugbugin siya?
  3. If Benedict only said well done for knowing nothing to say, he is not a good leader either. He is no different from Gloria who said "I am sorry" just to appease the restless crowd.
  4. If Benedict said "well done" to refer to only to the lifting of the death penalty, his words are not well said. It was interpreted to a number of things.
  5. Or Benedict was only saying "Welcome!" and Gloria interpreted it to mean "Well done"?

Psst, puwede pahingi ng transcript ng statement ng Papa? Mukha kasing kailangang me maglinis ng tenga...

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