Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No impeachment, yes to ouster: Cheers?

Impeachment Round II is dead. So says Atty. Gabriel Claudio, presidential adviser for political affairs. Long live, Gloria?
Perhaps. BUT....
Just this weekend, I happened to talk with several local chief executives. Their common notion: Cha-cha will proceed and there will be no elections come 2007. And they are happy because they will not be spending millions again for re-election.

"No elections" had been the bait of Gloria to get continous support from local elected officials of the municipalities and cities. The problem is: Cha-cha is dead... not unless the palace will make another zombie to keep it alive. With Cha-cha dead, any proposal for "no-el" is nothing but a joke. It is not feasible, clear and simple. If Cha-cha is dead and "no-el" is not feasible, then Gloria is in trouble. She may not be impeached but the possibility of her ouster is not remote.

To add spice to the dish, more and more local chief executives admitted to have complied with the mandate of the Supreme Court on the establishment of freedom parks. With more freedom parks, the possibility of a concerted people power demonstration is again coming to fore. Which might cause Gloria more and more bottles of brandy to cure sleepness nights.

Can somebody propose a toast for this?

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