Friday, June 16, 2006

Just another spin

PhilippineStar's banner: FVR backs people’s initiative

Desperate to counter the words of the Church regarding the anomalous generation of signatures for the people's initiative of Gloria Arroyo, the Charter Change Advocacy Commission (ad-com) chaired by Lito Lorenzana said yesterday that former President Fidel "Tabako" Ramos has agreed to support the people’s initiative as a means to amend the Constitution.

According to Lorenzana, "Ramos has agreed to become ad-com’s constitutional warrior and wants to personally witness the people’s initiative succeed."

Well, Tabako's desire to amend the constitution cannot be doubted. But for Lorenzana to claim that the former president agrees in the kind of people's initiative being orchestrated by the Palace is something to be scrutinized. If Lorenzana's claim is true, then Tabako may be sick with Alzheimer for forgetting the 1997 Supreme Court decisions in
Santiago v. Comelec and Pirma v. Comelec. As the high court said, only when there is an implementing law enacted for people's initiative that the same can be applied. But the clear fact is: There is no implementing law yet. And another fact: Tabako is not sick with Alzheimers.

Second, it should be stressed that Tabako is supporting the Palace-orchestrated Cha-Cha if Gloria Arroyo will glorify herself by doing the supreme sacrifice for the people -- that is, cutting her term short. But since Gloria is so unglorious to her savior, Tabako is having second thoughts of extending his continued support. As a matter of fact, he even said once that his support to the administration is on the wane.

Tabako, it should be reiterated, may be dying to change the charter but he wants it on his own terms. And in accordance with the law, it should be added. Therefore, any pronouncements from those claiming to be Tabako's parrot should be consistent with the earlier statements issued by the former president and lessons he learned while he was still on Arroyo's seat.

Lastly, Tabako is not a media-shy type. If he really said the words released by Lorenzana, why didn't he personally discuss that before the media? These only illuminates the fact that the Lorenzana's adcom and Gloria Arroyo are just brewing another spin similar to the photo-ops earlier made with Ramos.



Tanong: Bakit daw naka-thumbs up si Ramos kasama si Gloria during the Gloriagate scandal considering his pronouncements on his waning support for Arroyo?

Sagot: Tinanong daw kasi si Ramos kung ok ang handa ng Malacanang kaya siya nag-thumbs up. Taking this opportunity, naki-thumbs up na rin si Gloria at iyon ang pinalabas sa media na OK na naman sila.


Arrovo words for the day:

An economy on the verge of taking-off -- an economy on the brink of collapsing (see PCIJ's Unmasking the myth of 'Arrovonomics', and Maitet Pascual's presentation.)

Stop political bickering -- stop criticizing the Arroyo administration even when it is doing harm to the people; the Arroyo versions of the military rules which are as follows: Rule 1. Gloria Arroyo is always right. Rule 2. If Gloria Arroyo is wrong, refer to Rule No. 1

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