Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gloria's Arithmetic

Weeks ago, Gloria Arroyo made taray with DepEd Secretary Fe Hidalgo in front of the media on the account of classroom shortage. Hidalgo claimed that there is a classroom shortage of more than 6,000 with the ratio of 50 students per classroom. Which made Arroyo react saying that there is no classroom shortage with the ratio of 100 students per classroom.

Now it's PNP Chief Arturo Lomibao's turn.

PNP statistics show that of the 118,000 policemen, only 62,270 have long firearms and only 96,714 have handguns.

According to Lomibao, “the PNP would have 100,597 handguns after programmed purchases for a fill-up rate of 86 percent. It would have 63,027 long firearms also after programmed purchases for a fill-up rate of 55 percent.”

Again, Arroyo showed her genius when she argued that there is no gun-shortage problem if the long guns and the pistols will be totalled and distributed to the police. Arroyo told Lomibao that by combining the total short and long firearms by the end of the delivery, the shortage would be fully covered and every PNP officer would have a gun, whether it is long or short.

"In other words, before you give a second firearm per policeman, make sure that all policemen get one firearm," she said.
A mathematical genius! Galing, di ba? Kaya pala talo ng mga kriminal ang mga pulis. While hi-tech na ang gamit ng mga kriminal, nagti-tiyaga pa rin sa paisa-isang baril ang ating mga kapulisan. Just to show that there is no shortage!
Which makes us believe that the statement, “My margin should not be lower than one million!” is really uttered. Kasi, ayaw niya ng shortage. Kahit panalo siya ng 1 boto kay Poe kung di naman milyon, useless din. So dapat, walang shortage of votes.

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