Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The message of House majority leader Prospero Nograles to his fellow administration congressmen and women is clear: Kill impeachment bid or we'll all be dead.

According to Nograles, "Pag lumampas sa House ’yan (impeachment), JDV is out at pati ang majority leader. Perhaps the committee chairmanships will be revamped also. In an impeachment case, all the positions are on the line, including that of the Speaker."

His reason: Impeachment is a political decision. Since the Senate is hostile to Gloria Arroyo, the president with a questionable legitimacy, the impeachment case won't stand a “Chinaman's chance”.

Nograles's reason, however, shows some strand of guilt. If Arroyo has done nothing wrong, it follows that the case against her won't prosper. Truth stands the test of time if Nograles has to remember in his religion classes. But if she really did the things accused of her, sorry but she has to say goodbye.

Second, if Nograles remembers, most of the members of the Senate is a Gloria ally. Hence, what numbers should the majority leader fear?

Lastly, fright is an evidence of guilt. Killing the impeachment once again is committing a cover-up for what really happened. Which leads us to think: Is Nograles among the beneficiaries of Gloria's acts that wronged the Filipino people?


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