Monday, June 19, 2006

Enrile and Pimental Slams Ramos on Cha-cha Support

Nothing can be gained in barking at a tree.

Star reports Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Aquilino Pimentel hitting Tabako Ramos for backing the PIG for Cha-cha. Enrile reiterated that if brought to the highest court, the move to change the charter through people's initiative will be voided and Tabako's support will just turn to nothing. Pimentel, on his part, said that the former president "is pushing for Charter change because he wants to alter a provision in the Constitution that gives the Supreme Court the right to decide on economic decisions of the executive branch."

There is nothing disagreeable to Enrile and Pimentel's pronouncements. Almost everybody knows how the Supreme Court turned down the people's initiative initiated by Pirma in Ramos's time and almost everybody knows about Ramos's motive why he is pushing for Cha-cha. What is disagreeable is the wasting of time by barking at Tabako when they could bite Gloria's Cha-cha by explaining the latter's negative effects in layman's term. In that way, the public will understand. And if they understand, they might oppose the PIG.


But if it is really true that Tabako is supporting the PIG, the former president must be sick with alzheimer or dementia. Of course, if it is really true that Tabako is supporting the PIG,
then Lito Lorenzana is speaking the truth. The problem is, his newfound supporter has a brain problem.


Arrovo term for the day:

A call for unity -- a call to stop criticizing Gloria Arroyo and accepting with blind eyes (and with open arms and open legs) all wrongs she had done. See also "stop political bickering".

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