Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Definitions from the Arrovo Dictionary

From PCIJ:

AFTER successfully redefining unemployment, the Arroyo government is now attempting to change the meaning of work to include overseas migrant work and unpaid family work.

What a cunning tactic to show the world she is a working president!


In an attempt to phase with GMA doubletalk, I am enumerating the terms and phrases used by Gloria Arroyo and their corresponding meanings. Please feel free to add. later, we can publish it as "The Arrovo Dictionary".

1. Unemployment -- includes all persons who are 15 years old and over as of their last birthday and are reported as without work nd currently available for work and seeking work or not seeking work due to the following: (a) tired/believe no work available, i.e., the discouraged workers who looked for work within the last six months prior to the interview date; (b) awaiting results of previous job application; (c) temporary illness/disability; (d) bad weather; and (e) waiting for rehire/job recall.

2. work -- that which was done inside and outside the national boundaries and includes overseas workers and unpaid family workers who also contribute to national economies.

3. solved cases of murders of journalists -- refers to the cases of murders of journalists which are left untouched, with the criminals left un-caught, and the government doing nothing to resolve the filed criminal cases.

4. No hand in Cha-cha -- refers to the printing of Cha-cha materials by the National Printing Office without the order of the legislative body and/or the court; the organizing of once in a blue moon barangay assemblies by the DILG to discuss, among others, the Cha-cha; the act of ordering the Solicitor General to defend the Comelec should there be legal questions against the palace-bcked people's initiative on Cha-cha; GMA's act of forming and mobilizing the presidential consitutional commissionon charter change which budget is charged against the presidential pork barrel even without the benefit of legislation; and the actual endorsement by GMA of the Cha-cha.

5. Free media -- meaning 'free to kill media people'; government pitting one media outlet to the other; and free to praise the Arroyo administration but never to hit its misdeeds.

6. "I will not run" -- meaning, Gloria Arroyo will run again.

7. "I won fair and square" -- meaning Gloria Arroyo cheated

8. "I am sorry" -- meaning 'to hell with you'.

9. Sufficient classrooms -- meaning at least 100 students should occupy one classroom to make it sufficient (see also When both are wrong, ACT reacts, calls Arroyo delusional and PCIJ's take on classroom sufficiency)

10. Inciting to sedition --
A crime existing only in the lawbook of Malacanang written and edited by the spinsmeisters of Gloria in the Palace and is committed through utterance or publication of statements which are true or presumed to be true and which Malacanang cannot answer or refute for reasons of EO 464, shyness or fear of spilling more more rotten beans. The crime is committed only by the opposition, or mediamen Malacanang thinks is critical to the administration.

11. Terrorism -- the act of airing grievances against the Arroyo administration; calling Arroyo a cheat

12. Growing economy -- meaning fattening wallets of selected allies, more poor and hungry people, increasing value of the peso as a result of the remittances of OFWs. (See also Economy off to a flying start, Peso and sweet potato, and PCIJ's Unmasking the Myth of Arrovonomics)

More to come....

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