Thursday, June 22, 2006

Definitions 101: Isolated Case

Bunye hits!

A couple of days ago, Marine Col. Orlando de Leon resigned with a bash saying the military is heavily politicized. The AFP strikes back saying it might file raps against De Leon.

Meanwhile, Bunye makes another hit: De Leon's case is just an isolated case.
"Officers come and go in the corps but the essential imperatives of soldiery – loyalty, professionalism, morale and strict adherence to the chain of command – are undiminished. They are in fact getting stronger everyday as a result of strong internal reforms and modernization programs," he said.

But De Leon's grievances is not an isolated case. Isolated means
Separated from others; solitary or singular". If De Leon's case is just an isolated case, that what can be said of the grievances of the Magdalo Boys? General Gudani and his aide? And the military official shot at the ATO tower? What about the Garci recording? And what about the ramblings of the lower-ranking personnel of the AFP and the PNP who were not heard because of the theatrical fora of Gloria Arroyo?


For Bunye, it looks like "isolated case" means "a series of cases happening one at a time".

Tsk! tsk! tsk!

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