Monday, May 29, 2006

Who Moved My Faith?

Because of the Church's and the Malacanang's aggressive advertising, my friend was intrigued that he bought a pirated DVD copy of the movie Da Vinci Code. When asked whether or not his faith changed, he laughed and said: Watch it for yourselves.

Because the theaters in Manila were closed, my friend lent me his copy of the movie which I watched with my significant other. Her initial reaction was: The movie was boring. Which was also the reaction of local and foreign movie reviewers of the Da Vinci Code. Ron Howard, fearing perhaps that the movie will create a chaos of faith within the Catholic ranks, tried his best to soften the story and had it revolved only on the murder inside the Louvre. Which was a poor decision because the story became like any ordinary murder story.

An ordinary murder story? And this is what the loud-mouthed Church and Malacanang people have been gunning for days and weeks? And this is the reason why the publicity-hungry congressman from Manila is asking the MTRCB Chairman to resign?


What I, and probably most of those who've seen the movie, am looking for are the evidences that might stir discussion on the Catholic faith, evidences that might strengthen my belief to the doctrines of Catholism or Christianity. The mere mention of the Opus Dei is not enough. So what if somebody from the organization is evil? Whose infallible and holy, anyway? Not even the theory that Christ married Mary Magdalene. It's just like hearing Zeus as an un-married god or a gay. In the very first place, the basis of the theory is just the painting of a person who haven't even seen his "models" -- Christ and his disciples. And the Malacanang boys are taking a ride for this just to gain the support of the Catholic Church?

Well, if there is a change that happened to me after watching the movie, that is the increasing disbelief in the Catholic Church. And if there is someone to be blamed, that is the Church herself. Centuries ago, Galileo tried to prove that the earth revolves around the sun and not otherwise. The Church declared him heretic without conducting sufficient proof against Galileo's claim. Now the Church is lambasting the Da Vinci Code, a boring and ordinary murder story, without first viewing and assessing it. And the Malacanang boys are taking a ride for this just to gain the support of the Catholic Church?

If the Church believes that its doctrines has strong bases, it can stand like a rock. And it will not be shaken even if a thousand ordinary murder stories come along. As the Catholic and Judaist prophet Isaiah had said: It will not be shaken even by a strong wind because the Lord is there.

Sad to note, with these, the Church is only carving her own ruin....... And along with her demise are the Malacanang boys who are just trying to gain the support of the Catholic Church for their lady-boss Gloria Arroyo.

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