Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When both are wrong

"Either our original data was wrong or this one is wrong. It cannot be both because the discrepancy is too big."
-- Gloria Arroyo on Hidalgo's presentation

Arroyo claims that there is no classroom shortage. Based on their computation, she said, the ratio of classrooms per students should be 1:100.

Acting DepEd Secretary Fe Hidalgo claims, however, that there is a shortage of 6,832 classrooms. This is based on the computation of 1:45 classroom to students ratio.

This led to Arroyo's anger outburst. Hence, the above-quoted statement.

That being the case, sino ang baliw... este, mali: Arroyo or Hidalgo?

The answer: BOTH!!!

The ideal classroom-student ratio is 1:20. Studies have shown that either too few or too many students in a class can affect their learning. Now, Arroyo is trying to insist on a 1:100 ratio just to paint a beautiful image and claim that there is no classroom shortage? For her information, other countries not only stick on a 1:20 ratio but also compute the space per student ratio. If schools cannot comply with that, they are ordered to close.

Mukhang ala-Garci na naman ang style nitong si Arroyo. Manipulate the figures to show she is winning the war against truth? Kaya pala si Maitet Diokno-Pascual is gaining popularity with her Arrovonomics.

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