Saturday, May 06, 2006

What's taking long, duck?

The SC reminded, again, the Office of the Ombudsman to submit its final report on the issue of the automated counting machines (ACM) contract entered into by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

But what's keeping the Office of the Ombudsman from submitting the report?

a: Walang marunong magsulat ng report?
b. Walang irereport?
c. Walang Office of the Ombudsman?
d. none of the above?

Pero sabi ng Ombudsman, independent constitutional body daw sila. No question about that. Pero if that lame excuse will be used again and again, nagagasgas din. To whom, then, is the Office of the Ombudsman accountable para mg-set ng guidelines at dun i-submit ang report? Kay Gloria in the Palace? Pero di ba independent body nga sila? E sino ngayon ang proper authority na mag-uutos sa kanila? Ang United Nations?

What's up, then, duck?

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