Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Truth Hurts, err... Farts

Word of the week: FART

The freedictionary defines fart as:

1. An often audible discharge of intestinal gas.
2. An annoying or foolish person.

Gloria in the Palace claims time and again that she won fair and square. But anyone who starts digging the truth behind this claim is called as a person inciting to sedition, an enemy of growth, an opposition, a person wanting to tear down the government, etc., etc.

Well, the truth stinks, sometimes. Consider this news from Tribune with regards another attempt to cover up the truth: DoJ confirms Gloria’s ‘kill impeach’ rap order to allies

Some parts of the story read:

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez yesterday confirmed to reporters that the administration congressmen have a standing order from President Arroyo to “kill” at the earliest possible opportunity any impeachment case to be filed against her this July, when the constitutional one-year ban on filing will have been lifted.

“We will kill it at the first possible instance,” Gonzalez, a former lawmaker, disclosed, saying the termination of the impeachment complaint will start as soon as the appropriate House committee starts deliberating on the complaint’s sufficiency in form and substance.

This presents two things:

First, That the truth hurts, err.... farts, sometimes. Its only sad that the machine gun mouth of Gonzalez happened to be the anum that expels the stinky story.

But worst, our DOJ Chief is himself a fart. Instead of doing his job, why mess with politics? He should just simply perform his job and work for the speedy resolution of cases. If he is really for justice, let the truth come out of the Impeachment Trial. Only with truth that justice can prevail.

Kakahiya naman!

But can this also be a ground for Gonzalez's disbarment?

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