Monday, May 29, 2006

Sensibilities 101: How to Nip the Arroyo Slay Plot on the Bud

Despite the arrest of the five suspects dubbed as the Estrada 5, AFP information chief Col. Tristan Kison says that the Arroyo assasination plots are still on the map.

As Kison stressed in an interview: This kind of threat is continuing. Its revelation, the arrest of these conspirators (five suspects) is a big blow to them ... We believe that while this is a continuing threat, there is a big obstacle in its execution.

But while the AFP and the PNP are busy arresting suspects who happen to be innocent individuals, and are deeply engaged in committing human rights violations, their imaginations are always lightyears away from reality. It is as if their senses and sensibilities have left them. They are "too logical" to realize that Arroyo and her ways is the problem. These are the stimuli that triggers responses some of which are death threats and assasination plots.

The AFP and the PNP wanted to nip the Arroyo slay plots on the bud? Let Arroyo change by humbling herself and admitting, with pure sincerity and honesty, the wrongs she had committed and surely, the plots will disappear. Just think simply, Mr. Kison. A simple problem doesn't need a complicted solution.

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