Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Policy of Killing Journalists

I had appealed to his relatives to convince him to hire bodyguards because he has many enemies.
-- Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn on the death of journalist, Fernando Baul

So, another head rolled. Fernando Baul is the 42nd journalist killed since Gloria Arroyo took oath as president of the Philippines in 2001. And Gloria's administration is still, and continue to be, the number one in terms of journalists killed. Worse, her administration has pulled the Philippines into the number two spot as the most murderous country for journalists all over the world.


Which is not surprising. As Arroyo had it: I am tired of choosing the bully in the schoolyard.

But should heads be the price? Is the Arroyo administration thinking that this is still the time of King Herod when heads are served in silver platter?


Of course, Malacanang will always wash hands on the murder of journalists. Pilate did that. Earlier, Ignacio Bunye even tried to fool the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) by claiming that the murder of Filipino journalists were already solved!!!


Un-masking the administration policy, nothing is left but the simple truth that Malacanang will do nothing to fulfill its job -- that is, to ensure peace and order and protect every Filipinos particularly those who practice press freedom. Consider the words of Hagedorn, one of Arroyo's closest ally: I had appealed to his relatives to convince him to hire bodyguards because he has many enemies.

Look at the sense of irresponsibility! What, then, is the use of government if it cannot even protect its citizens?


Hagedorn's tune is similar to what Vidal Querol advised to television viewers last Holy Week: Kung hinoholdap ka, ibigay mo na lang ang cellphone mo para di ka masaktan.


With the death of Baul, the next question is: Who will die next?

And Gloria is not insulted at what is happening?

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