Friday, May 26, 2006

Philippine Government encourages piracy

Yesterday I passed by a busy and noisy crowd. A cockfight? A kara y cruz? Or somebody just met an accident?

Well, the answer was none of the above. When I tried to make usyoso , I found out that the members of the crowd were bargaining with Aling Tonya, the seller, regarding the price of PIRATED CDs and DVDs of the DA VINCI CODE MOVIE!!!

The pirated copies especially of the Da Vinci Code movie and documentaries are selling like hotcakes, Aling Tonya said in Tagalog with Bisaya accent. And this started immediately after Press Secretary Ed Ermita issued his code... err, statements which are pa-cute to the Catholic Church. The number of customers looking for the pirated copies increased when Manila City issued a resolution banning the showing of the movie in city theaters. And this will further increase when a Manila City district representative made a "publicity show" today when he make sugod to the MTRCB office and asked its chairman to resign.

Worse, Aling Tonya said, the source of her pirated CDs are some of her customers who, seeing the insufficient supply, duplicated what they bought from her. In simple terms, almost everyone with CD and DVD writer is making pirated copies of the movie and its corresponding documentary. And the cause: The statements of the Philippine Government through the Press Secretary, the chief executive of the country's capital and a publicity-hungry congressman of the AUGUST BODY of the House of Representatives which further aroused the curiosity of the viewers.

Pero sa totoo lang, courtesy of the pirated copy from Aling Tonya, I saw the movie boring. The documentary was mentally stimulating, though.

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