Wednesday, May 24, 2006

PCGG got zero budget for 2006

Buried within news stories, it appears final that PCGG has no allocated budget for 2006. This is courtesy of the Senate.


Well, if a government agency is not doing its job, why still maintain it? It's just a burden to finance its existence and further fatten the thick wallets of the people working in it. Look at how it bungled the issue of the Marcos wealth!


But wait! Malacanang is appealling to the Senate. And spooky-person Mike Defensor is proposing a "quiet settlement and the mending of understanding between the Senate and the PCGG".

Eto na naman si Bright Boy! Lumalabas tuloy ang kulay mo. How much is the price then para sa quiet settlement? Puwede rin bang humingi ng share?

Pero teka, me hirit din si Ignacio Bunye. Bunye is proposing that maybe it's high time to compromise with the Marcoses. He said: A compromise may allow us to close this chapter in our history and enable us to learn from and rise above the mistakes of the past.

Additional hirit: Said compromise settlement may also provide the closure the country needs to eventually move forward.

Well, who hates to move forward? Pero ganito at ganito na lang ba ang istorya: gagawa ng mali, then compromise. Gawa ulit ng mali then compromise and ad infinitum?

Kakatawa naman kayo. Sabagay, consistent din, di ba? Gloria Arroyo does a mistake, says "I'm sorry", tapos gusto niyo kalimutan. The next time, gawa ulit si Arroyo ng mistake, I'm sorry ulit, then gusto niyo kalimutan. Para kayong sirang plaka. Pa-ulit-ulit.

Let PCGG be dissolved kung yun ang kailangan. And let this be a warning to NPAs (Non-Performing Assets) of the government. And let this also be the warning to administrations na human rights violators din: Na walang compromises.

Sabi nga ni Mike Enriquez: Hindi namin kayo tatantanan!

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