Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Manila Resolution: The Code to Stop Showing The Da Vinci Code?

Yesterday, the city government of Manila stopped the showing of the 'Da Vinci Code' movie. The reason: The movie is undoubtedly offensive and contrary to established religious beliefs which cannot take precedence over the right of the persons involved in the film to freedom of expression.

First question: Who decides what's best for whom?

It appears that Manila Mayor Lito Atienza is following the footsteps of her lady boss, Gloria Arroyo. This is democracy, so why dictate what's best for whom? Freedom may not be absolute but I don't remember giving the city government my right to choose what's best for me. And I don't remember surrendering to the city government my freedom of religion.

Second question: What is freedom of religion?

Freedom of religion is the right to believe or not to believe. Tolits, that is written in the law textbooks. And freedom of religion goes with freedom of expression. What use is freedom of religion without having the right to express it?

Third question: Which religion?

Again, Tolits, don't ever think that you are still in the medieval times! This is the computer age already! Come out of the cave, please? And try to realize that Catholicism is not the only religion in your city. If the Da Vinci Code is contrary to established religious beliefs, I suggest that you also ban Gloria Arroyo in the city. Her lying and cheating, or at least, the bold and aggressive suppression of truth is contrary to religious beliefs. Hypocrite!

Last: Resolution to exact penalties?

I don't think the city's legal adviser is that "bobo". How can you penalize theater owners with a resolution? Tolits, only an ordinance can exact fines and penalties and that ordinance should have undergone public hearing and must have been posted in a newspaper of general circulation. That's LAW 101!

Pa-cute lang ata ang city government mo. Why, are you also trying to court the blessings of the Catholic Church with the coming 2007 elections? Aminin!!!!

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