Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hunger and Economic Growth

Gloria in the Palace claims that the economy grew under her odd-ministration, err... administration. And they even cited figures for the purpose with her student, Joey Salceda, defending the figures to the period.

Lately, however, SWS released reports that the number of people who experienced hunger by having nothingto eat at least once in the last three months reached 2.8 million.

Teka, asan na ang economic growth? What kind of economic growth is there if hunger exists?

Hmmnnnn! Seems like Garci manipulated the figures again. Hello, Garci?

Sabagay, kapitbahay namin mayaman daw pero tuyo ang ulam. Minsan asin pa nga eh. Kaya ang tawag sa kanya, mayaman sa hangin.

Pero sabi ng Gloria rah-rah boys, di naman daw totoo ang survey ng SWS. Ang totoo lang daw na survey ay iyong pinalabas ng SWS through Philippine Information Agency a few Sundays ago. Iyong survey na hinimas ni Junie Laylo, Gloria in the Palace's pollster.


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