Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Arroyo's Education Policy

Inq7 reports that claiming president Gloria Arroyo has scolded Acting Education Secretary Fe Hidalgo over classroom shortage report. Hidalgo presented that there is a current shortage of about 6,832 classrooms, at a ratio of 45 students per classroom, this coming school year 2005. But Arroyo interrupted Hidalgo's presentation saying that in 2004, the government had set a student-classroom ratio of 100:1, with classes having two shifts. Hence, the shortage of only 1,000 classrooms.

Failing to hide her disgust, Arroyo said:
This is a very major issue. Can we defer this discussion . . . and identify the specific schools where there are shortages?

And she continued by saying that she was expecting the DepEd to report on its accomplishments and not on the classroom shortages.

Expression ni Doy: HUWATTTTT????

First, the fact that the DepEd was able to generate the figures is already an accomplishment. Why, what are the accomplishments that she want to hear? That several school teachers and students kneeled down to praise her for her contributions to the increasing quality of education? Ridiculous! Where was that, anyway?

Second, 45 students per classroom is already large. And Arroyo to stress a ratio of 100:1? And two shifts per day? Hey, what kind of education is Arroyo espousing?

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