Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where is the crowd?

One of two wants Gloria in the Palace out using people power.

But my Grampa Doronilla (March 22, PDI) asks:

  1. If so, why are the disgruntled not rushing the streets and stampede to work for Arroyo's ouster?

  2. Why is Arroyo still hanging on to power despite the findings?

  3. Arroyo is being supported by local officials so where do the 'disgruntled' majority came from?

I've been wishing to refute this but time was so mean. Could time be more generous this time?

  • It's very clear that the disgruntled are not rushing the streets. Why? Let us count the ways

  1. CPR
  2. PP 1017
  3. General Order No. 5
  4. No-permit-no-rally policy
  5. charges of rebellion
  6. charges of terrorism
  7. incarceration without charges
  8. illegal arrest
  9. batuta ng pulis
  10. teargas
  11. water cannon
  12. barbed wire
  13. police brutality
  14. police take-over
  15. rice and noodle economy
  16. low-cost medicine
  17. housing project (that will soon flop)
  18. propaganda of a beautiful economy
  19. peso-dollar exchange
  20. gagged media
  21. job generation as call girl agents, este, call center agents
  22. money
  23. money
  24. money
  25. money
  26. money
  27. money and ad infinitum
So, lalabas pa ba sila para magmartsa?

  • Why is Gloria in the Palace still hanging on to power? Simple lang. Makapal ang mukha.
  • Arroyo is being supported by local officials so where is the disgruntled majority coming from? Sa masa. Elite po kasi mga local officials. And who knows, some of them might even won with the Arroyo election formula. Di ba? Tanungin natin si Garci.
  • Actually, not only is Arroyo being supported by local officials. She is also finding support from media men and columnists who eyes government positions or are looking for juicy perks and fat pork from the coffers of jueteng operators,... err, Gloria in the Palace. Ang iba pa nga diyan, my dear Grampa Doronilla, are looking for positions as ambassadors so why bite the hand that feeds?


arnx1 said...

OMG, you're frustrated, and you're mind skewed. Aktibista ka? The way you're mind is working....I see less hope for the country.

GMA is doing good to the economy....you think Estrada can do better? What you're alternative?

Ang problema ng bansa ay ang tuloy tuloy na pangbrabrainwash ng mga komunista...at ang mga ligaw na kaisipan na katulad mo.

Shape up...or shut up.

vozshd said...

lupit talaga ng prop machine ni gma, ultimo mo small blogs pinapatulan, para lang ipagtanggol ang kanilang among pekeng pangulo.

magkano kaya retainer's fee ng lapuk na to at madaling araw na kung sumagot. masinsin at masinop ang mga spin doctors ni gma, laging ibinibintang sa mga komunista ang "pangbrabrainwash".

economy is doing good? tell that to the 75% percent of Filipinos living in dire poverty. actually, hunger na ang usapin, hindi simpleng kahirapan.

nakakaawa kayo na kailangangan nyong ipagtanggol ang isang among sinungaling, mandaraya at mandarambong, kahit hindi tanggap ng mga konsyensya nyo.

eniwey, time will come GMA will be booted out, as the surveys have stated. the only question now is how.