Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Translations 101: MAYUGA

Erratum on yesterday's entry:

Tikboy said that "mayuga" in a Bicol dialect, means "shaky". It's root word is "yuga" which means "shake". It is a variation of the standard Bicol "yugyog" which also means "shake" as in "shake the mango tree" and not in "a delicious mango shake served in the palace".


Bicol refers to three things-- "language", "people", and "region". In most cases, however, the term is usually mistaken for a province.

The Bicol language is one of the top languages spoken in the Philippines. And it has severla variations (dialects). The standard Bicol comes from Legazpi and is well understood throughout the region while the original Bicol comes from Naga City. "Yuga" is from a dialect spoken by people living in the rural areas of Albay.


So does this mean Vice Admiral Mayuga is shaky? That we do not know. Can somebody show us the report, please?

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