Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Strike 2: CPR is unconstitutional

It takes two to "tango" -- but that is for the dance. In advocacies and interests, "tango" as in "tanggalin si Gloria" is not a reality. The machine to oust Gloria still remains immobile, and even inutile.

With the high courts strike two pronouncement (the first one was the crippling of EO 464 and the second one was the declaration of the calibrated pre-emptive response as unconstitutional), however, many are already rejoicing.

Ambabaw naman ng kaligayahan ng mga ito. For one, Jinggoy might be right: Baka pinapasarap lang ang mga tao. Then todas sa people's initiative... Baka baligtarin naman ang desisyon sa people's initiative. Saka na natin purihin ang Supreme Court kapag nag decide na sa people's initiative.

Skepticism, my step-mother, tells me to watch out further. Most of the Smart... err, Supreme Court buddies, are appointees of Gloria in the Palace. And Panganiban, the Chief Justice, had been issuing statements on death penalty already even before a case is filed-- statements which seem to favor Gloria's stand. The statements may not be harmful but these go against the principle that the judiciary should be the most passive branch of the government. It should not talk unless asked in a proper case. Not even air opinions before the media.

Next, aside from the PIG, there are still a number of cases awaiting proper disposition by the high court and these include policy issues like PP 1017, and the impeachment. If the court decides on these against Gloria in the Palace, only then, I guess, should we rejoice.

To note, it's just strike two. In baseball, it takes three strikes to declare a player out.

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