Monday, April 10, 2006

Signs of Times?

Several days ago, US Ambassdor Kristie Kenney drew criticisms from the allies of Gloria in the Palace when she visited Senate President Frank Drilon, a known anti-Gloria senator. According to the leeches, with Kenney's action, she is insinuating a weakening Washington support for the administration of the claiming president of the Philippines.

Grabe naman. Masyado naman kayong sensitive. Nahalata niyo pala?

But is Washington showing its true colors? Well, yesterday, in an ambush interview, Kenny was lukewarm answering questions regarding the support of US to Gloria in the Palace unlike before when the response were almost automatic. Kaya dropline ng Malaya: Sign of weakening Washington support?

Siyempre alma ang mga alalay: Huwag niyong gatungan!

But, is there really a 'gatong'? Sa mga kapalmuks, Kenney's line on democracy is very clear: That democracy is based on strong institutions.

In the country of Gloria in the Palace, the only strong institution is the her institution of spins. Where is the credibility of the claiming president in the first place? In her allies? Among her allies? When Estrada won in 1998, at least there was a semblance of credibility with elections. Even the opposition respects the result. But with Gloria in the Palace whose allies question her winning?

BREAK muna. Mahirap ang sakit sa puso. Holy week pa naman ngayon. Let's just talk about Kenny.

When asked about the article of New York Times, Kenny's prompt response was that Washington respects the paper. "The New york Times is a private newspaper. We respect the right of freedom of the press, (and) freedom of opinion", she said.

Which makes me wonder if the leeches understood her words. Kala ko ba magagaling kayo? Ba't di niyo naintindihan? Remember why US attacked Iraq? And why US supported the seccession of East Timor from Indonesia? THERE WAS NO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND FREEDOM OF OPINION IN BOTH CASES. So, why still expect for a continuing Washington support?

O baka masyado na kayong naging matalino gaya ni Querol kaya ang detalye, nalilimutan?Aber nga, aber???

Basahin niyo na lang kaya ulit ang
New York Times? Its a sign of times, you know.

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