Saturday, April 29, 2006

RP lags in e-readiness survey

As we were debating on the spins of Malacanang particularly on the survey items na "hinimas" ni Laylo, a feed from yahoo came: The digital divide is narrowing.


Pero teka, is it also true in the Philippines?

The e-readiness survey was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit of The Economist. Upon grabbing the document "The 2005 e-readiness rankings: A White paper from the Economist Intelligence Unit", I immediately looked for the ranking of the Philippines. In 2004, we ranked 49 out of the 65 countries. Our score then was 4.35 with 10.0 as the highest. Last year, we ranked 51 and our score: 4.03.

How come, Ms. Gloria in the Palace? Upon (manipulatingly) assuming the office of the presidency you said that our economy is on the verge of take-off. Pero ba't bumagsak yata tayo sa ICT readiness which is a pillar of the economy? Don't reason out na dahil sa pulitika? Unless bumaba ang bentahan ng cellphones dahil somebody from your camp horded it para di makatext ang mga tao and eventually di ka matulad kay Erap? And don't reason out na ang The Economist ay na-manipulate na rin ng oposisyon?

Or Orwellian doubletalk ka na naman? When you were saying that the economy is on the verge of taking off what you meant is that the economy is going to dive?

Aber nga, aber?

O baka wala si Junie Laylo kaya ganun ang resulta?

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