Monday, April 24, 2006

"No Fear" vs "In Fear": Pacquiao vs Gloria?

A tabloid's headline: Gloria nabubuhay sa takot!

Well, this is against the principle of her idol(?) Manny Pacquiao, who is advocating "No Fear". And if this is the case, something must be wrong... not with those she fears of but with herself.

Pero teka, sagot ng Palasyo through her talking parrots: It's just normal because one cannot please everybody.

Hellouer!!!! To "please" is different from to "fear" ano? Baka masyado na kayong matalino kaya di niyo na madistinguish? Baka magalit na niyan si Manny. He is trying to practice English na, eh. Kasi nga he is planning to migrate na daw sa US. Kaya nga idol siya ng mga Pinoy. Who would want to live in a hell like the Philippines? Sabagay, andiyan nga pala si Condrado de Quiros at saka iyong descendants ni Quezon. Sabi kasi ni Quezon, he prefers the country to be run like hell by the Filipinos than to be run like heaven by the Americans. (The reason why Gloria in the Palace is running the Philippines like hell? Well, maybe Manolo has an article on this.)

Pero balik tayo kay in-fear.

In-Fear Gloria in the Palace claims that she is Christian. If one is a Christian and has in him or her Jesus Christ. So why fear?

Sabi naman ni Ping Lacson: Makibaka, wag matakot!

O di ba? Miss Gloria in the palace, why not practice your being a Christian and makibaka na lang especially for truth? Sleeping without fear is better than being a president without sleeping at all. Cheers?

Another shot of brandy, please?

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