Thursday, April 20, 2006

Malungay and the Subic Rape Case

Boy 1: What did you eat for lunch?
Boy 2: I ate meat.
And Boy 2 smiled. Ting!!!!, errr, guawk! Instead of a shiny teeth that flashes like the teeth of the model in toothpaste ads, the teeth Boy 2 flashed unconsciously has "malungay na nakasabit."

Just like the flawed script in Subic rape case. Toting Bunye said that the Department of (in)Justice is doing its job objectively and impartially based on the evidence at hand. But the "malungay" in the script was the pronouncement of Secret-tarry Raul Gonzalez who "could have absolved the three soldiers but did not do so 'to satisfy the mom,' of the victim" (Inq7 and Snippets).

Naks naman! Magpakatotoo kaya tayo?

Well, anyway, baka totoo na nga talaga ito. Baka kasi base rin ito sa meaning ng "fair and square" ni Gloria in the Palace?

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