Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Losing my religion

It was a long Holy Week break.

Not for Gloria in the Palace. She was busy campaigning for Cha-Cha, the Cha-Cha which the Malacanang has no hand. Sabi niya! (see also, Gloria in the Palace, no hand in Cha-cha?).

But then, the Catholic Church said on its April 7 Pastoral letter: As Christians, we cannot be complacent and inactive in the face of this present issue of charter change, which is so crucial to the future of our country and people. Vigilance, education, principled opposition may be necessary steps to take.

Which bothered your Gloriness, err, Gloria in the Palace. So she issued an Easter Sunday message: Commutation of all death penalty sentences to life imprisonment.

This made the Church applaud. And will this lead the Church to retract its pastoral statement against the moves of Malacanang on Cha-cha? Mukha atang nahulog ang pastoral letter ng pumalakpak ang simbahan. And to add, some bishops are always having dinners with Gloria in the Palace. Hmmnnn....

Which reminds of Judas Iscariot. Just for 30 pieces of silver, all happened with a kiss...

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