Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gloria to Dance Cha-cha on Commutation of Death Sentences?

Gloria in the Palace's Easter Sunday statement came both as a surprise and a precedented move. She has no option but to patch her relationship with the Church and one way of doing so is dancing with the advocacy of the bishops. So she commuted all death sentences without, literally, understanding its implications. And it was a surprise: A "terrorist" to forgive and forget?

Toting Bunye, however, is on the defense of her lady boss. "The President's latest action affirms her deeply held personal Christian values and does not violate the constitutional separation of powers," Bunye said.

Which is rather hair-raising. First, if she has Christian values, why become a terror president? Well, anyway, Catholics are terrorists as history showed especially during the colonial period and during the (un)Holy Crusades. (Engggkkkkk! Hair down.)

Second, if Gloria in the Palace's actions does not violate constitutional separation of power why commute the death sentences? Since elementary we were thought that in a democratic government, there is a separation of powers -- the judicial branch to interpret the law, the legislative branch to make the law and the executive branch to implement the law. Has the DECS-now-DepEd fooled us? (Bzzzzzzttt!! Hair raised again!).

Well (again), history showed us that Gloria in the Palace mistook herself as the State when she issued PP 1017. So what's wrong with her interpreting the law, legislating the law and executing or non-executing the law? Next, it appears she owns the Supreme Court (how many are her appointees there?), and the Congress (how many are her men in the lower house?). In simple terms, the claimed hair-raising action is baseless. Right?

Or.... maybe not. Ermita and all-around Mike Defensor (does that include being a house-boy?) are making "butas" in the declaration of Gloria in the Palace. As Ermita said:
If the President sees that the crime rate, especially of heinous crimes, is rising, she will not hesitate to change her policy."

So did bestfriend Mike Defensor who said that the commutation is a case to case basis.

Well? Doesn't the script look familiar?

Insiders say that the "moro-moro" is just to win the heart of the Catholic Church. "Look," a whispering spirit saiD, "isn't Gloria softening her stand on the mining laws which are also among the advocacies of the Church?"


Teka, puwede kayang sumunod si Gloria in the Palace sa Simbahan if the latter already says: Please resign?


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