Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Courting Uncle Sam

Another hair-raising news:

Following the example of her boss who commuted death sentences to life imprisonment, Secretary Raul Gonzales also downgraded the rape case against three of the four US marines involved in the Subic rape case. And to quote Inq7: Gonzalez said he could have absolved the three soldiers but did not "to satisfy the mom," referring to the victim’s mother. He did not elaborate.

Hey Mr. Secretary, are you trying to be sexy?

The duty of the Department of Justice, as the name of your department implies, is to give justice. If you are just trying to satisfy the mom of the victim, where is justice there? If you just simply said that there is a lack of evidence, many would believe you. But it seems you are pre-judging the case.

Or is this part of the ploy to court the support of Uncle Sam? Well?

From a talkative mentor who always got himself into trouble: Me and my big mouth!!!

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