Monday, March 06, 2006

Self-destruction and Kison

Senator Rodolfo Biazon disclosed that pro-administration soldiers were out to stage bombings in Metro Manila.

Kaya pala may sumabog a few minutes before Gloria in the Palace gave her speech last Friday on Proclamation 1017.


Meanwhile, AFP Information Chief Tristan Kison sneered at Biazon's disclosure. He said, "A government in its right mind will not do that. It will self-destruct. If our own government will carry this out, we will no longer be credible and we will lose the trust of the people."

Tanong: Kelan pa ba naging credible ang administrasyon ni Gloria Arroyo? At kelan din ba bumalik ang trust para sa gobyerno?


Consider this: Immediately before the issuance of Proclamation 1017, an explosion happened in the yard of Malacanang. Mickey Mouse ... err, Mike Defensor, immediately issued statements that the explosion was part of the plot to oust Arroyo. This statement was reconsidered immediately, however. And new statements say that the explosion was just a result of a can of thinner thrown with a cigarette butt.

Well, many are starting to believe the latest statement when, gradually, platoons of soldiers and military tanks started to gather in Malacanang grounds. Malacanang parrots came again to the rescue stating that nothing abnormal is going on and the troop movements are part of the regular functions to protect the president.

Then, suddenly, we woke up with proclamation 1017.

Ano ito, lokohan?


Sabi ng tatay ko, bago raw ang issuance ng Martial Law, me mga pagsabog din na naganap. At marami ang nagsasabi na si Marcos ang pakana. Example ay ang Plaza Miranda bombing.

Alangan naman daw na NPA ang nagpasabog sa Plaza Miranda eh pinagdududahan pa nga ang mga naroroon na suportado ng NPAs?


But whatever, the present scenarios show semblances of the pre-Martial Law regime.


Kison, however, is stressed: The government which we are defending at present will not do this (stage bombings) and it is our strong belief that there is no truth to this.

Ows? And how come Senator Joker Arroyo, who is no joker, and is an ally of the Arroyo administration was so certain that there is still a sequel to the Proclamation 1017?

And how come your officers, during ROTC trainings and security management courses stress that there is this “psy-ops” thing? Di kaya psy-ops din ang pagbomba-then-denial niyo?

Hmmnnn!!!! Ba't nga kasi gusto niyong ilaglag si Biazon? Ayan tuloy. Refer nga ulit kasyo sa Hello Garci recordings!

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