Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Q & A

Question (Q): Malacanang, according to the editorial of Tribune, says that Gloria in the Palace has explained enough about the poll rigging controversy. Is there truth in this claim?

Answer (A): Yes. Silence speaks a thousand words.

Q: Toting Bunye claims that Gloria in the Palace's declaration of the State of Emergency will be justified as the foiled conspiracy to overthrow the government unfolds before the public. Many are asking: When will this happen?

A: After their fishing expedition!

Q: "If the President did not act as she did, we could now be living in a regime where power comes out of the barrel of a gun," Bunye warned. Is this true?

A: Yes. If Gloria in the Palace did not act as she did, she could be using power that comes out of the barrel of the gun.

Q: Gloria in the Palace asked the people to reject terrorism. Is she serious?

A: No. She has ordered the men in uniform to arrest everyone who are rejecting her terrorist acts. Isa pa, kailan pa ba naging seryoso si Gloria in the Palace? Review her "I Am Sorry" speech and watch out for her grin.

Q: Gloria in the Palace claims that her government has high regards for human rights. Is this true?

A: It depends upon the definition of "human". If the definition points to the opposition, sorry but they are considered as animals.

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