Thursday, March 02, 2006

Nang-go-Glorya na naman si Gloria in the Palace!

Earlier, lawyers, students and activitists released reports that they will be out in the streets today and on Friday to protest the Presidential Proclamation Number 1017 -- not presidential Proclamation 1081 of Marcos declaring the Martial Law in 1972 but 1017 which is the Gloria in the Palace's proclamation on the state of emergency.

This morning, Gloria in the Palace appeared before the TV stations and issued a statement saying she will lift the State of Emergency soon if she would be assured that the threat to topple her administration was under control.

Teka, mukhang nang-go-Glorya na naman itong si Gloria in the Palace, ah. Porke ba dahil magkakaroon ng malawakang rally kaya nag-isyu siya ng statement na ganun kanina?

Sabagay, tama rin si
Lady Choi. To prolong yourself in power, you need more power.

Ibig sabihin, in the simplest words for Juan de Naka Cruz, wala talagang plano itong si Gloria in the Palace na i-lift ang State of Emergency.

At ito namang si Ka Noli na hindi na kabayan dahil nawalan ng backbone, paisyu-isyu pa ng statement na kailangan daw talagang i-lift na ang state of emergency. Kaya lang, colatilla ng pronouncement niya, bahala na si presidente. Ano ba yan!!!!

Do these support the claim of Senator Joker Arroyo that there is another proclamation much stronger than PP 1017 awaiting to be issued by Gloria in the Palace?

Hmmmnnn!!!! Mukha nga.

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