Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hindi (raw) nangugulo

In an interview over DZBB the other day, Gloria in the Palace striked again . "I am not the one who is nangugulo, you know", was the point she stressed repeatedly.

But she is not really nangugulo. Consider the following:

1. She is just pitting one media outlet against the other. In the same interview she said: “Your culture here (GMA-7) is responsible journalism, the reason you have gone a long way, compared to the other network (ABS-CBN) that became No. 2.”

2. And she is just lashing out her emotions against ABS-CBN. Tribune noted: In lashing at ABS-CBN, the President claimed that the Lopez firm is lagging behind GMA-7, which, she said, is due to its continued negative assaults against her.

3. And she is spying on media which she admitted clearly: “I don’t want to judge, but I have tapped agencies to conduct surveillance on the kind of reportage of some of our media entities, in order for them to become responsible.”

4. And to make the media become responsible, she is planning, perhaps, to take over them like what her bogus administration did to Tribune.

Galing di ba?

More is coming...

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