Friday, February 03, 2006

Let's Probe It, Let's Probe It Not...

The CBCP earlier said that truth be pursued relentlessly. But after the meeting with Gloria in the Palace, it appears that the call mellowed down. Major headlines in the papers show that the Church do not want to take major part in the search for truth.

Bakit kaya? Lumabas ba ang katotohanan ng mag-usap sila nina Gloria in the Palace?

Mike Defensor insisted that the CBCP take part in the truth commission to be formed. Dahil ba alam na niya na walang paki ang CBCP kaya grabe ang pag-insist niya?

When the Citizens for Truth (C4T) was formed, grabe ang alma ng mga taga palasyo. What's the difference with the "C4T less CBCP" and the "C4T with CBCP"? Does this mean na madaling utuin ang mga obispo kaya ganun na lang ang pag-insist nila sa "C4T + CBCP"?

Meanwhile, evidences regarding the misuse of Marcos wealth and the Fertilizer Fund continue to pile up. Even then, the Ombudsman is doing nothing with the issue. As Senate President Franklin Drilon lamented in the interview, the Ombudsman did not even send representatives to coordinate with the senate regarding the investigation of erring officials including Joke-joke Bulate, err, Volante. Well, has the Office of the Ombudsman turned to an office of "Mona Lisa" -- that 'they just lie there, and they die there'?

Hopefully not.

Teka, teka. Di ba ang existing na head ng Ombudsman ay appointee ni Gloria in the Palace? Baka pati non-performance ng Ombudsman ay dikta na rin ng appointee? HMMMNNNN....

But Gloria in the palace is now trying to make herself a better public official. This was her dream and her words since the Hello Garci controversy broke out. Better in working for the common good or better in hiding scandals and secrets? HHHMMMMNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

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