Sunday, January 15, 2006

Using Ramos for Propaganda?

Malaya: FVR stands firm on early Gloria exit

From Manila Standard Today: FVR denies coming to terms with President

Teka, kala ko ok na? Ba’t mukhang salto ang pronouncements ng MalacaƱang? Is this another case of a tale of two Garci tapes?

Malaya: Ramos told officials and businessmen in Dagupan City that he stands by his call that Arroyo step down in 2007 for an immediate shift to the parliamentary form of government.

MST: In Manila, Ramos spokesman Ed Malay said the former president has not retreated from his call on Mrs. Arroyo to step down in 2007.

Also branding Claudio’s statement as inaccurate, Malay said Ramos has only agreed that today’s Lakas-CMD meeting should not take up the contentious issues, which should be left to Congress and the people through a plebiscite.

Teka, asan na ba ang thumbs up na lumabas sa mga diyaryo?

At eto pa courtesy of Malaya: Ramos also questioned the statement of presidential adviser for political affairs Gabriel Claudio that he and Arroyo had a "jovial discussion" on issues related to governance during the meeting.

He said the talks were serious.

He said he also maintains his position that the prime minister should not be more than 59 years old.

If Ramos’ suggestion is to be followed, Arroyo will be disqualified as she will be 60 in 2007. Arroyo will be 59 on April 5.

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