Saturday, January 21, 2006

On the Escape of the Four Magdalo Mutineers

Four Makati mutineers from the Magdalo group escaped. Hmmnnn! Trying escape art as a new career?

Sabagay, ano man ang mangyari, mahihirapan na silang bumalik sa AFP. Sa perya na lang as escape artists! Dito sumikat si Houdini, no?

From Manila Times: The four junior officers who escaped Wednesday from detention in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City are claiming that sympathetic soldiers helped them get away.

But it is a fact that soldiers of the lower rank will always follow the orders from above. Teka, baka order ito ni Gen. Esperon? Hala ka, Gloria in the Palace! May momooooooo......

Well, consider this headline from Manila Times: Palace’s press briefers ‘missing’

Bakit kaya? Read the report:

President Arroyo’s communication team has been eerily quiet despite new issues confronting the administration, including the jailbreak of four junior Army officers from Fort Bonifacio on Tuesday.

The President’s spokesman, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye, as well as Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, incoming Chief of Staff Mike Defensor and the President’s political adviser, Gabriel Claudio, declined to answer reporters’ text messages seeking reactions to and comments on the officers’ escape, the wiretapping hearing in the Senate, and the statement of former Executive Secretary Renato de Villa on the Oakwood mutineers.
If this is the case, di kaya sila rin ay duda na may iba ng AFP Chief of Staff sa Pilipinas? Aminin...

Immediately after the escape of the four mutineers, the AFP released the news. Many considered it fishy. It is hard to get information from the armed forces so how come? Takot na ba ang AFP na maunahan silang magsumbong ng mga tumakas na sila talaga ay pinatakas? Teka, teka.... ang gulo.

Also, immediately after the announcement of the escape of the Fantastic Four, err... the Magdalo Four, the AFP released a hotline number which happens to be a cellphone number. Kasama sa mga messages:

  • Nakatakas ang Magdalo Four? Buti nga. Bwa hahahaha!
  • Puwedeng makipag-text-mate?
  • Puwedeng pahingi ng load?

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