Monday, January 16, 2006

An Old Soldier Who Hates to Fade Away

After losing a battle with his party-mates in LAKAS-CMD regarding Arroyo's exit, ex-President Tabako Ramos still claimed that he won. As Malaya reported:

In a press briefing before he left for India for a business summit, Ramos said the biggest gain of the meeting was the party decision to accelerate the timeline for the proposed seven main changes in the Constitution.

These are the shift to a parliamentary government, establishment of a unicameral legislature, ban on political turncoats, a five-year term of office for all elective officials, creation of autonomous regions with a view to setting up of a federal system, and easing of restrictions on foreign investments.

Because of this, many are starting to think that Ramos is just toying with the media. As Cong. Rolex Suplico (LDP, Iloilo) noted: ""On Jan. 9, he called for GMA’s resignation by June 2007. On Wednesday, Jan. 11, he met secretly with GMA. On Thursday, Jan. 12, he said that GMA can stay until 2010. On Friday, Jan. 13, he reiterated GMA’s resignation.”

Now, Tabako seems to be implying: Ok lang na matalo sa exit-proposal for Arroyo basta panalo sa cha-cha.

Well, ano ba talaga, kuya?

Tikboy who has nothing but a fifty-cent-cigarette says: Nagpapa-pogi lang sa media to catch attention itong si Tabako. He hates the line stating

that soldiers don't grow old but just fades away. And Tabako hates to fade away.

But, wait a minute! How true are the words of the whispering spirits that Ramos is also having dancing cha-cha with his pronouncements because he is lobbying something to Gloria in the Palace? No, not exactly the amendment of the constitution but some other things?

Wow ha! Me secret-secret pa pala.

Whatever, Gloria in the Palace is again wearing her smiles to the ear. Was she thinking na nabulabog niya ang utak ni Tabako?or Tabako was thinking na nabulabog niya utak ni Gloria in the Palace? Seems like another chicken or egg question!

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