Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jewel in the Palace versus Gloria in the Palace

I heard the Jewel in the Palace, a Korean TV series is raking high ratings in the airwaves.

Too sad, Gloria in the Palace, a Malacanang show or whatever-it-is, is digging its grave for the low popularity rating of its major actress, the claiming president, Gloria Arroyo. Even its rice and noodle economy is not doing much to buy the people's support.

And not only the people. Just recently, the Administrator of the National Food Authority said that the rice and noodle program is a program destined to failure. Why? Because the program, which is aimed at selling rice and noodle at low prices, is just a beating around the bush. The real problem, which is poverty, is not being addressed. Hence, the NFA Administrator said, without money the people will not still be able to afford the low-cost rice and noodles being sold by the government.

Ano ba yan, Gloria!

But many are saying that the Jewel in the Palace is flying high in the airwaves becuse it simply reflects the Philippine society. Andiyan ang mga we-bulong. Andiyan din si Madam Choi. At andiyan, lalo na ang mga power players wanting to protect their interests.

Kasama kaya sa powerplayers na ito ang mga Gloria appointees sa Supreme Court?

Outside the palace, tuloy na naman daw ang jueteng ng ina mo. Was this blessed by "mamanyim gloria"? Or by FG?


But the existence of jueteng simply means:

  • wala ng pera ang operators attached to Gloria in the Palace

  • wala talagang sinabi si Gloria in the Palace -- that is, atras-abante talaga ang kanyng utak (remember her words: I WILL NOT RUN)

  • di talaga nirerecognize ang words ni Gloria in the Palace kahit ng kanyang mga kampon dahil alam nila na atras abante ang utak nito or,

  • di talaga nirerecognize ang words ni Gloria in the Palace kahit ng kanyang mga kampon dahil alam na talaga nila kung sino ang nanalo sa pagka-presidente. Ibig sabihin hindi na nila sinusunod si Gloria in the Palace kasi ang nanalo talaga ay si (drum rolls.......)Bong Pineda as president... err, si Mike Arroyo ... err, si Fernando Poe.

Totoo kaya ito? Matanong nga kay Ministro Mike Defensor, este, Ministro Wu.

Pero teka, ba't kaya atat si Mike Defensor sa DSWD? May glory ba sa DSWD? Ano meron dun, ha Miss Dinky?

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