Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gloria Resign... No, Gloria Stay?

From Tribune: Cory, Estrada step up Gloria quit call

This is opposed to Tabako Ramos's rigodon pronouncements on GMA's exit.

Along with this, Aquino officially confirms her non-attendance to Gloria's Council of State meeting. According to Malaya: In a one-page statement, Aquino said her "presence in the meeting may create more confusions as to where I really stand with regard to my July 8, 2005, statement seeking her (President Arroyo’s) voluntary resignation. Nevertheless I apologize to the Filipino people, particularly those whose sense of propriety I might be offending."

Unquote: Buti pa si Cory alam ang kanyang ginagawa. Patawarin niyo po si Tabako, na-apektuhan na rin ata desisyon niya ng kanyang si Gloria.

But, contrary to Cory's stand, the bishops seemed to have given Gloria in the Palace a passing mark. Cebu's cardinal even clearly said that Arroyo won. And CLEAN! Will this meanthe parting of ways of Cory and the Church? This will surely be a good show to watch.

Recently, however, another dissenting bishop, Bishop Cruz from Arroyo's province, said that if Gloria in the Palace will not clear the issues surrounding her administration and her legitimacy as president, the explosion and ultimate explosion of a social volcano will be inevitable. Well, there is no doubt about that. Can we count the ways?

  1. Even top brass from the government believes that the "tapal" solutions being employed by Gloria in the Palace like the rice and noodle program, is clearly not enough to appease the masses. As NFA administrator said, the issue is lack of money. Even if the government will give a kilo of rice and a pack of noodles for one-peso each, if the people has no money, they still won't be able to afford said commodities.
  2. There is still no real employment program from the government. Unemployment is still very high. With this, stomachs continue to grumble leading to more and more dissatisfaction with the government. Proof are the latest surveys by SWS and Pulse Asia.
  3. The masses cannot also find something good from VP Kabayan de Castro. Add the pulled out support of the Lopezes. With this, we can find network giants freely lambasting the government hence affecting publi opinion.
  4. The economy being boasted by Gloria in the Palace cannot be felt at the bottom. This just paints her picture to be more and more of a liar. (See Peso and sweet potato)
  5. And the jueteng which rocked Estrada and her administration? It still flourishes. Again, this paints her picture to be more and more of a liar.

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