Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Faeldon and the AFP

The website of escaped mutiny leader Capt.Nicanor Faeldon crashed last Sunday because it was flooded by visitors. The government's websites did not. Nilalangaw kasi.

Col. Tristan Kison, AFP information chief reasons out that many are accessing Faeldon's website not because they are supporting him but because of curiousity. Ba't kaya sa government websites hindi nako-curious ang mga tao?

Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz said: "In a concrete sense, we have shown to all that a professional and stable military is key in providing an atmosphere conducive to national growth."

Kaya pala wala tayong national growth.

A senior official in the Armed Forces of the Philippines who was implicated in the 2004 elections, Major General Gabriel Habacon, will be taking over the post of Lt. Gen. Edilberto Adan as Southcom Chief.

But suspicions are hovering the air. Is the juicy post the price of being mentioned in the "Hello Garci!" tape?

Lt. Gen Samuel Bagasin was said to have assumed Adan's post last September. But his assumption was postponed because of lobbyists including the late entry of Habacon. Asking why the change?

According to whispering spirits "Di daw kasi na-mention ang name ni Bagasin sa Hello Garci!"

But going back to Cruz's words: The AFP is apolitical.

Does this mean lobbying for persons publicly known to have supported Arroyo during the last election is becoming apolitical?

Well, baka nga. This code must be AFP's new definition of the term "apolitical".

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