Thursday, January 05, 2006

Economy off to a flying start; Politics off to a diving end?

As usual, GMA had been boasting of the increasing value of the peso as against the dollar. "Not only the peso but the whole economy is off to a flying start on the back of growing domestic and international confidence," she said.

Star-readers and card readers say, however, that there is no reason to believe Arroyo's hallucinations.

I am not a believer of astrology but I agree with its "experts'" forecasts. The reasons?

1. Arroyo's cheating the election still lingers in the air. Another false move and it will blow her down.
2. Corruption issues continue to haunt her administration. With Mike on her side, the urge to sway with the music will be hard to ignore. And to add, she has to try her best to be a wife to her husband otherwise... L (?) will just lure the butterfly away from her.
3. Crime continue to rise. According to Pulse Asia most of these are unrecorded. And GMA flunked in preventing these. Yes, the issue is PREVENTION not solution. In the broadcast media alone, GMA has the most number of journalists killed since 1986 despite the fact that she has just occupied four years in office. (Carizo discussed this in "In the Philippines Does Free Press Mean Dead Pressmen?" as published the latest issue of Conjuncture, a publication of IPD)
4. Political bickering is not yet dead.
5. Arroyo's charter change is driving her allies away. Ramos, the Tabako Man, is now shying away from her.
6. Arroyo's continuing bickering with the media particularly ABS-CBN, a network giant.
7. The continuing poverty and the failure to use and recognize real indicators. Three of every four Filipinos still believes that they are poor.
8. The promise of a bankang papel sank. Education remains costly and highly commercialized, housing is still an elusive dream and the promise of food in every table is nothing but a fairy tale. For these reasons, Arroyo can expect a continuing show of demonstrations from the youth sector, the urban poor and other sectors of the masa.
9. The continuing discontent among the military ranks. The latest are Faeldon's and Daquil's pronouncements. Sources say coup plotters are just waiting for opportunities.

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