Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Council of State, AFP Professionalism and Bunye's Logic

Arroyo is proposing a Council of the State. But is it really a Council of the State or COUNCIL JUST TO BAIT?

Eastern Samar Governor Ben Evardone is proposing of gathering at least five million signatures to have the Constitution amended. According to him, this is an alternative to the ConCon and ConAss methods of amending the charter. This is the people's initiative.


People's initiative or Evardone's initiative?

According to Malaya, DEFENSE Secretary Avelino Cruz said the Armed Forces will remain insulated from partisan politics this year when the political opposition is expected to file another impeachment complaint against President Arroyo.

Unquote: Does this imply that the AFP was indeed partisan in the previous years particularly during the 2004 elections?

Again, Defense Secretary Cruz said: "In a concrete sense, we have shown to all that a professional and stable military is key in providing an atmosphere conducive to national growth."

Unquote: Was this the reason why national growth was never realized because there was no professional and stable military?

Malaya again: PRESS Secretary Ignacio Bunye yesterday said dismissing the strengthening of the peso is demeaning overseas Filipino workers and their "sacrifices and heroism."


What kind of logic does Toting Bunye has? He talks of demeaning workers? And what can he say about these?

  1. OFWs, before going out of the country, has to pass the red tape and the corruption in the hands of government officials from OWWA to POEA to Bureau of Immigration. Is there something more demeaning than this?

  2. OFWs, when they are out of the country, has no security and is always exposed to dangers not only in their working environments (including the dangers posed by their employers) but also in the country where they stay because of the Philippine embassy officials who are good for nothing. Is there something demeaning more than this?

  3. OFWs, when they face actual danger, have to remain at the mercy of the host government because the Philippine government still has to rely first on the opinion created by the media before acting. Look at what happened to Cruz and Nayan. Without the media, what could have happened to them? Has Toting Bunye ever imagined this? And is this not demeaning?

  4. OFWs, when they go back home, have to pass again to the red tape in the OWWA and other government agencies just to get the benefits they, the OFWs, deserve. And is this not demeaning?

  5. To work abroad and be a servant in a foreign land, is this not demeaning? If the government can provide jobs, there could be no reason for these people to go out of the country. Now, Toting,which is more demeaning then?

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