Saturday, December 17, 2005

Education as requirement for membership in parliament?

Malaya’s headline: No room for dropouts, active movie stars in parliament

Are these members of Gloria’s ConCom still human?

True, we desperately need officials with integrity and are knowledgeable. BUT barring people who have low level of education or have not finished tertiary schooling is not the solution. It discriminates, not only those who failed to finish or enter the necessary education but also the poor who can’t afford to study.

NOT UNLESS Concom proposes free and compulsary education from elementary to college.

Along with compulsary education, of course, are free notebooks, pens, bags papers and other school related necessities which the poor find it hard to afford.

And education should be of equal quality across all areas and among private and public schools. Children who find themselves not at par with others usually drop out of school because of inferiority.

MOST important, poverty should be addressed. Without poverty, children will be encouraged to study instead of engaging in income generating activities.


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