Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Post Script to Hello, Garci!?

Garci does not approve GMA saying "I am sorry."
Asked why, he wants her to say "I am Guilty!"


Bunye says: There is no script in Garci's appearance....
But mind you, we have a tele-prompter!


Locsin: I will initiate a move to recall warrant of arrest against Garci.

(Is that a payment for staying long in the Committee Chairmanship?)


Pechay... err, Pichay: Garci is the victim here.

(Really, then who is the aggressor?)


But true enough, Garci is a victim of a wiretapped conversation. But why is DOJ unwilling to investigate and prosecute those who victimized Garci? Is Gonzales afraid that she might discover GMA and Mike A. to be behind the principals?

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