Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Break, Prizes and Gifts

The Christmas break afforded GMA a longer breather time. Taking this opportunity, she enjoyed surding at La Union and visited other places.

Well, all work and no play makes GMA a dull girl!

But that doesn't mean she stopped drinking brandy!

Senator Robert Barbers died. Condolences to his family!

But along with Barbers' death are some secrets that could validate the authenticity of the "Hello Garci!" scandal. Multuhin niya kaya si FG Mike na siya DAW ang utak sa wiretapping?

FG Mike Arroyo po. Not Mike Velarde, the leader of the El Shaddai and the alleged buyer of IBC-13.

Mike Velarde to buy IBC-13? Wow naman. Is that the price of selling hankies?

Anyway, let's respect religion. But wait! How true is it that IBC-13 is the price of Velarde's support to Arroyo?


If it's true that IBC-13 is the price of Velarde's support to Arroyo, can we expect RPN-9 to go to Iglesia?


Puwede pa kayang sumuporta kay Arroyo? Baka puwedeng bilhin din ang NBN! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Education as requirement for membership in parliament?

Malaya’s headline: No room for dropouts, active movie stars in parliament

Are these members of Gloria’s ConCom still human?

True, we desperately need officials with integrity and are knowledgeable. BUT barring people who have low level of education or have not finished tertiary schooling is not the solution. It discriminates, not only those who failed to finish or enter the necessary education but also the poor who can’t afford to study.

NOT UNLESS Concom proposes free and compulsary education from elementary to college.

Along with compulsary education, of course, are free notebooks, pens, bags papers and other school related necessities which the poor find it hard to afford.

And education should be of equal quality across all areas and among private and public schools. Children who find themselves not at par with others usually drop out of school because of inferiority.

MOST important, poverty should be addressed. Without poverty, children will be encouraged to study instead of engaging in income generating activities.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Arroyo to head the interim parliament?

Arroyo to head the interim parliament? That's not news. What's news are the following:

1. Arroyo resigns, paves way for new parliament
2. Arroyo resigns, paves way for TRG
3. Kabayan says 'Goodbye, Gloria!'
4. Garci admits as PGMA's phonepal
5. PGMA files annulment suit versus Mike
6. WB, ADB condones Philippine debt
7. Arroyo ousted!
8. Bong Revilla endorses a law for the first time
9. Joc-joc scam is no joke, SC indicts him for plunder
10. DOJ Sec resigns
11. Miriam shuts her mouth
12. Arroyo admits terrorizing the Filipinos

Next time na man!

Abat and Garcillano

1. Fortunato Abat is from the military while Virgillo Garcillano is from Comelec
2. Abat's actions, according to Malacañang, are actions of senility while Garcillano's actions are that of a "victim"
3. Abat is the bearer of TRG while Garcillano is a "bearer of truth"
4. Abat is invited yet detained while Garcillano is invited as a guest and hero
5. Abat hates elections (that is why he wants TRG) while Garcillano loves (to rig???) elections
6. Garcillano's is "Hello Garci!", while for Abat: "Goodbye, Abat!"


Ok na sana si Fortunato Abat kaso ang anak na colonel, wala atang binatbat. Sumuko agad? Bata, gumaya ka sa tatay mo. Magkano ba....?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Of Dreams and Day Dreams

From Malaya: Gloria: SEAG win raises RP standing

Unqoute: Standing on what? On having questionable winnings?

GMA’s words before departing to Kuala Lumpur: "The unity and solidarity of our people has been reinforced by our big win in the Southeast Asian Games, and the medals we are reaping in economic stability. This gives me the confidence to represent the Filipino as a strong player in Asean and East Asia."

Hey, Maam! Wake up! What unity and solidarity are you talking about?

And, what big win? It is better to lose with dignity than to win without respect.

Lastly, economic stability? I guess you should listen to World Bank. Dollar remittances does not mean economic stability. Is that the economics being taught in Assumption?

Ignacio Bunye on rumors of fresh destabilization threats against Arroyo: I guess the bottom line is you don't go out of your base. You don't go out of the country when you feel the situation does not warrant such leaving the country.

Is this the reason why you feel confident that Arroyo is strong? Wake up, Mr. Spokesman. Or simply don’t pretend to ignore things. According to SWS: Negative feelings about the performance of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo have grown larger, lowering her Net Satisfaction Rating to -30, according to the Social Weather Survey for the Fourth Quarter of 2005, conducted over November 27 to December 4, 2005.

Toting B: Here are the two tapes. One is spliced, the other is original. The spliced tape says, “The Arroyo administration is going strong.”

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's Not (Only) the Economy, Stupid!

Former president "Tabako" Ramos had been insisting that the economy should be the tipping point to spun efforts to amend the constitution.

But Tikboy, who has nothing but a 50-cent- worth of cigarette, argues differently. As to the why, let us count the ways:

  1. Corruption is very high in the Philippines. The HK-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) even forecasts that this could trigger moves to loosen GMA's glue to the presidential seat. Hence, if Cha-cha will be played without addressing the corruption issue, the economic benefits will not filter down to the intended targets or beneficiaries.
  2. Government control still remains with the elites. Even the party-list system remains a shot in the dark. if this will not be addressed, patron-client system will remain and the poor will always be with you... err, will always remain at the mercy of these elite power-holders.
  3. Public office is a few families' trust... err, property. This is a reality to contend with -- a reality that closes the doors to new entrants to politics particularly from the grassroots level.
  4. Democracy is on the wane.
  • The voice of money still rules the election. Ask GMA and her handlers, right, Garci?
  • Becoming a member of the opposition is to be dubbed as an obstacle to progress. This discourages dissents and other opinions which could be helpful to democracy.
  • To exercise the constitutional right to assembly, in this hypocritical democracy, means to go to jail (Can this be a new entry in Ambrose Pierce's dictionary?).
  • To exercise freedom of the press and liberty of speech means to be dead. (Again, can this be a new entry in Ambrose Pierce's dictionary?)

These are but among a few reasons why the economy, alone, should be the basis of spurring Cha-cha.


I heard fellow journalists in Cebu are arming themselves with guns for protection. Does this refute the saying: The pen is mightier than the sword?


Well, the late broadcaster Rowell Endrinal also armed himself with a gun. But he died just the same.


But arming journalists should be a cause of alarm for GMA. This simply means her administration is not doing its job to protect democracy... unless she has another meaning for democracy -- that is, killing journalists. Well, this just support Jay Carizo's insinuation that in the Philippines, "Free press means dead pressmen." But is it?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Arroyo in a state of dream?

From the Manila Standard Today: "WE ARE on our way to becoming not only a sports power, but an economic power as well. " So says GMA according to reports of Maragay and Requejo.

The Philippines? A sports power? After that topping that controversial SEA Games? This must be an hallucination!


Again, the Philippines an economic power?

But wait: Recently, Cielito Habito, former secretary of NEDA, claims that the Philippine economy is on the verge of meltdown. And Habito is not alone.

If this is the case, Arroyo must be hallucinating. Will somebody wake her up?


I think I know now why Arroyo is claiming a sunny economic perspective ... she studied in America. Probably, because of her frustration to finish there, she continued studying but this time, by reading American books. And maybe she mistook the analysis of the American economy as that of the Philippines'.

Poor girl!


Garci names his phonepals. Very good! But he should not be selective. He should also include his principal.


Caller: Hello, hello Garci!
Garci: Hello, Maam!
Caller: Buti naman at di mo kinalimutan ang dagdag.
Garci: Siyempre naman, Maam. Kaya nga nanalo kayo.
Caller: Tange! Iyong dagdag na mga pangalan ng tumawag sa iyo!


Caller: Hello, hello Garci!
Garci: Hello, Maam!
Caller: Iyong sa ano, sa ........ (garbled) Di daw nagma-match ang documents.
Garci: Sa alin Maam?
Caller: Iyong documents, di daw nagma-match. Meron daw na hawak na witness ang kabila at di raw nagmamatch when compared sa document natin....
Garci: Di naman po talaga magma-match iyon, Maam.
Caller: At bakit?
Garci: Kasi kung magma-match, mabubuking tayo na nag-usap pala tayo. Bakit, gusto niyo rin ba isama sa bluebook?
Caller: Ay type! Para naman maging sikat lalo ako. Bumagsak daw popularity ko sa Pulse Asia, eh.


From Malaya: Multinationals perceive corruption is getting worse in the Philippines and Thailand but is declining elsewhere in Asia, a report released on Monday shows.

Unquote: Is this still a news?


Wait, I heard GMA still imported consultants on how to REDUCE corruption? Ano ba ang nangyari?


O baka naman consultants on how to IMPROVE corruption. Wow, ha?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Today's stories

Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra is insinuating that the Philippines is rigging the 2005 SEA Games. Well, according to text jokes, that could be the reason why Comelec Commissioner Virgilio “Garci” Garcillano resurfaced.


As usual, Malacañang is washing its hands. Glued Macapagal Arroyo even issued statements that she has tasked individuals to take a look into the reasons behind Thailand’s accusations. Doesn’t this sound similar to the lyrics “I won fair and square!” and “I am willing to face the proper tribunal to prove my innocence”?


If more than half of the Filipinos do not anymore trust Glued Macapagal Arroyo as Pulse Asia Survey says, why should she expect non-Filipinos to trust her?

Maybe she is thinking that Thailand is a part of the Phillipines. Is this right, Mr. Yoyoy Villame?


But is there a reason to suspect that Malacañang is using the SEA Games? Probably. The Glued Macapagal Arroyo issues are already buried in the inside pages because of the SEA Games – a case of diving (issue) competition?


Other story:

The Black and White Movement had given “No-speak De Castro” an ultimatum to take his side on the Gloria Resign-Oust issue. The members of this movement never learn: Noli doesn’t want to be called “Noli Outcast-ro” if the efforts fail to loosen the epoxy that binds Glue-ria to her seat.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bonifacio Day's Headlines

PDI: Peso up; 53-level against US dollar breached

And GMA is smiling showing her two front teeth. A sign of a growing economy? Not really.
Growth slows down ’05 target of 5.3% unlikely to be met

But wait, didn't GMA claim she was the best 2004 presidential candidate who can make the economy better?

Tribune: Garcillano flies off, destination unknown: PALACE OFFERS SAMMY ONG PROTECTION

Sabi ni Doy Cinco ng IPD: HUWAAAT?

Malacanang must be obvious. If they can't even catch Garci, how can they afford Sammy Ong protection? If somebody attacks Ong, can Malacanang catch the attacker?

Hmmmnnn.... Malacanang just want to control Ong just like Doble and Vidal... and later, Garci.

Another story from the Tribune: DoJ, BI admit Garci left RP, but in disguise

But Garci vehemently deny leaving the country. Who's telling the truth then?

Or is the Garci appearance and the conflicting stories regarding his leaving another orchestration to confuse the public?

Hey, hey, hey! Sounds like another bombshell is out to come and Malacanang is again on the spin to divert the attention of the public?

Another from the Tribune: Gloria blamed for activists’ murders; ouster call renewed

Not a new story. Add the murder of journalists. Add the murder of the economy. Add the murder of the Filipino people's trust.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Post Script to Hello, Garci!?

Garci does not approve GMA saying "I am sorry."
Asked why, he wants her to say "I am Guilty!"


Bunye says: There is no script in Garci's appearance....
But mind you, we have a tele-prompter!


Locsin: I will initiate a move to recall warrant of arrest against Garci.

(Is that a payment for staying long in the Committee Chairmanship?)


Pechay... err, Pichay: Garci is the victim here.

(Really, then who is the aggressor?)


But true enough, Garci is a victim of a wiretapped conversation. But why is DOJ unwilling to investigate and prosecute those who victimized Garci? Is Gonzales afraid that she might discover GMA and Mike A. to be behind the principals?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hello, Garci! (2)

In a meeting somewhere in Mindanao...

Mike A.: Hello, Garci!
Garci: Hello, Mike. Mike test, Mike test.

(After reading from a page-long note)

Garci: How does my script sound?
Mike: Ganun ba. Baka pwede pang magawaan ng paraan?
Garci: Tinitignan ko, nagpiprint kami ng 15 lang, para kung makahabol, titingnan natin.

(Somebody calls...)

Caller: Hello, hello Garci!
Garci: Hello, Maam!
Caller: Nag-usap na ba kayo ni Mike?
Garci: Tine-test ho si Tess, este tini-test ho iyong script baka may legal impediment masabit tayo.
Caller: Ok. Iyong, dagdag, iyong dagdag.
Garci: Sige, aanuhin ko ho lahat ng yan.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hello, Garci!

Now that Virgilio Garcillano is back, we can already say: Hello, Garci!

But will that also mean: Goodbye, Gloria?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Philippine Politics

If one is looking for the craziest, weirdest politics, just type "philippines" in search tab. Or if one is looking for the most unique style of leadership, simply search for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. And enjoy the cinema of her patchwork type of management, her survival politics and her decisions dancing in cha-cha and rigodon.