Tuesday, September 09, 2014

MRT's pleasant surprise?

Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya responded to the calls for the public officials to ride the MRT (also called as the #MRTchallenge. His verdict: Riding the MRT is pleasant.

Indeed, riding the MRT for Abaya is pleasant because aside from the fanfare and media pa-cute he experienced, there are a number of reasons for riding the rail transit that commuters really failed to appreciate. These are as follows:

  1. The bonus. Aside from the bonus ride commuters get when the stored value tickets amount to P3.00, they also get a bonus distance and bonus wounds when trains overshoot the rail track. That is in addition to the bonus time and place that they spent for queuing just to buy tickets and enter the station platform. Ang hirap kayang tumambay na walang tambayan.
  2. The physical and mental exercise. Commuters also failed to realize that the MRT is doing them favor by forcing them to walk when the trains stop in mid-stations. Kaya nga bibihira ang mataba sa MRT. And, of course, dahil nagiging bopols na ang mga Pinoy (proof of which is that Philippine universities do not make it to at least the top 20 universities at least in Asia), the MRT is also doing a service by providing a sort of mental exercise. So commuters are forced to become creative in making excuses for being late. As a resut of that exercise, marami ang nakaka-experience ng mental stress.
  3. The art of patience. It's a virtue and only MRT teaches that by teaching commuters to stay on queue that they may be able to buy ticktes or get inside the station platform. Kung sa ibang bagay, magtatakbuhan na ang mga commuters na ito lalo na kung sasakay sa bus o tatanggap ng relief goods.
  4. The virtue of hoping. Siyempre, kahit late na, hoping pa rin ang mga commuters that the train will arrive at makakasakay sila lalo na sa mga alanganing istasyon gaya ng GMA-Kamuning and Santolan at the northern end, and Magallanes at the southern end. Mahirap kayang matutong umasa lalo na ang umasa sa wala.
  5. The virtue of understanding. Hanggang ngayon, nobody knows what happened to the scandals and the number of investigations on MRT messes, and nobody gets punished except the commuters. And nobody knows why our great senators and officials would not want to take the MRT and take the lessons the "pleasant MRT ride" provides. Kung sabagay, mahirap nga namang isakay ang magagarang sasakyan sa MRT, di ba mga minamahal na senador at congressman?
  6. The science and virtue of appreciating art. Only a few learns to appreciate art. But when commuters get inside the MRT station and look at the unoperational ticket vending machines, they immediately acquire the science and virtue of art appreciation. Ang iba nga napapakanta pa ng Mona Lisa if you ask ano ang ginagawa ng mga kahon ng latang yun. Those machines costing hundreds of thousands of pesos and even millions... "would just lie there and they die there".
O, di ba? Tama si Abaya. Riding MRT is pleasant. At dagdag ni Tikboy: educational.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Congressman of God or Congressman of the Philippine Government?

It was shocking to listen to the league of Congressmen like Manny Pacquiao and Pablo Garcia do the interpellation against the RH Bill. They have been quoting and quoting God and the Bible and religion and the Catholic faith to prove the RH Bill proponents wrong. And, with a stroke of devilish art, cut the crap out of the RH Bill proponents saying: "You are allergic to God" or, "you need to face excommunication".

Well, the actions of these anti-RH Bill legislators reflects well those of their constituencies to the point of "punching pro-RH bill supporters" and calling the latter stupid. But who's stupid, anyway?

Worse, these God- and Bible-quoting blabbers seem to have a different God and a Bible or are ignorant on what they are talking about. Kung sabagay, little knowledge is dangerous, di ba Manang Brenda? Otherwise, they would have learned that the real God listens to reasons, gives due process, and does not judge easily. If they read the Bible that they are quoting, they could have found out in Genesis Chapter 3 that after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God asked: "Where are you?" Adam replied that he is naked so he hid but God said: “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?” -- meaning, the real Biblical God, albeit all-knowing, still listens to reasons. Hence, if the Biblical God listens to reasons and the anti-RH supporters say they consider God as their model and that they follow their God, then they must have a different God.

But of course, whoever or whatever one's God is is nobody's concern and is not the issue. The issue here is the RH Bill particularly on whether it should be passed or not. And since passing it involves a legal process, then let that process go. And since those who will approve it are legislators elected by the people of the Philippines, then let these legislators act as legislators of the Philippines. If they wanted to act as legislators of the Catholic Church or their God whoever it is, then they have no business in the Congress because the Congress is for the passage of laws of men and not of God. As Jesus the Christ clearly puts it: Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.

Ano Tikboy, malinaw ba?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Merci: Thou shalt not steal but big!

Former Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez felt vindicated with the latest Sandiganbayan ruling approving the plea bargaining agreement with Gen. Carlos Garcia. According to her, the ruling is “an acknowledgment that we have not been remiss in our duty to protect the interest of the government and the Filipino people.

 Gutierrez further said that the ruling “is consistent with the position taken by our special prosecutors that the plea bargain agreement is legal, regular and aboveboard, otherwise it will not be approved by the graft court.

Kakatuwa naman si Merci. It appears that she is so happy with the way things are going and at the same time treating the Filipinos as stupid. Kung ang treatment mo talaga sa trabaho ng Ombudsman ay makipagtawaran, what's the use of having an Ombudsman? Daming nagtatawaran sa mga tiyangge. Ikalawa, Kung ninakawan ka ng P400, happy na ba dapat tayo kung ang maibabalik lang ay P200? If that is the case, ini-encourage natin ang mga magnanakaw na kumuha ng marami at makipag-plea bargaining agreement na lang sa kalahati. If that is the case, then tama pala ang sinasabing amendment ng 10 Commandments: Thou shalt not steal BUT BIG!

Or it is she that's stupid?Kung ano siyempre ang target mo, yun din ang mararating mo. Simpleng input-output logic. Kung ano ang dineposito mo sa banko, yun din ang makukuha mo. So dahil ang hiningi nila sa Sandigan ay approval ng plea bargain, at ang lahat ng ebidensiya na inihanda ay nakatuon lang dun, then siyempre yun din ang ibibigay ng Sandigan. Again, simpleng input-output logic. But if that is the case, why do we still need an Ombudsman na masyadong limited mag-isip?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lito Lapid is Geronimo

It appears that the US Navy SEALS has been mistaken. The real Geronimo is not in Pakistan but in the Philippines. Here's the proof:

This gives the US Indians no reason to cry foul. Di ba?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Merci resigns.... HUWAATTT?

Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez finally resigned.

This is surprising. Asan na yung palaban niyang stance? O nagbasa na siya ng libro ni Dale Carnegie na "How to Win Friends and Influence People"? She seems to be fanning something. A smoke to cover something? Maybe. Pero ano nga ba ang implications ng resignation ni Merci? Let us count the ways:

But it's a stroke of art. Kung kailan me royalty wedding fever ang mga tao at kung kailan nasa Europe si Gloria Arroyo, saka pa siya nag-resign. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Bantayan natin ang ratings bukas kung kelan huhupa na ang epekto ng kasalang William at Kate.